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It’s Murphy’s Law. Things break when you have the least amount of time to deal with it. Garage doors are not different. No matter what time of night or day, one of our garage door systems experts are always available. Call now to speak with one of our office staff.

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Garage Door Spring Repair 

If your garage door spring breaks while your home, you will know it.

The noise of a garage door spring breaking is said to be like a gunshot, a loud bang, a car backfiring or a firecracker going off inside your home. This deafening noise is beyond scary and we at Adroit would not want it happening to you. Adroit Garage Doors specializes in all garage door and garage door opener sales, installations, repairs, part replacements, and maintenance.

Adroit Garage Doors has 14+ years of experience to ensure all of your garage door needs are handled by experts.

What Are Garage Door Springs?

Garage door springs are larger springs that are a part of the garage door and help the door raise and lower with ease. They are a primary part of your functioning door and there are two types of garage door springs:

           Extension Springs – counterbalance garage door weight

           Torsion Coil Springs – extra life power to save the motor energy

Most of these springs are said to last around 10,000 cycles but weather and traditional wear and tear can shorten their life span, in addition, they are considered the most likely part to break on a garage door.

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Why Are Garage Door Springs Important/ How do they work?

Garage door springs help your door move. They can be the difference between an operating or nonoperating door. The two types of springs have their own systems and each of these systems work differently.

Extension spring systems use springs that are attached to cables and are then attached to the bottom corners of the door. When the door is closed the springs will stretch holding energy, and the door will then be opened by the springs collapsing, lifting the door. Traveling up and down consistently means that the system will not last long because the steel in the springs will weaken and eventually break.

It’s important to make sure there is a safety cable running connected to the springs. If the spring breaks then you will need to make sure that the energy stored doesn’t cause damage to you or your property.

Torsion springs are the most common form of system for garage doors. They are typically mounted horizontally above the door opening. As the door comes down, cables that are attached to the bottom corners of the door cause the springs to wind up creating stored energy. That wound up energy will then be released helping the door lift and open.

Steal springs will weaken when the door is cycled up and down so that the door won’t be able to lift any longer

Your Garage Door Springs: Repair or Replace?

When determining to try and repair your garage door springs or replace them you will need to identify the issues the door is having

Issues may include:classic three door garage

  • Garage door closes too fast
  • Door closes on its own
  • Crooked garage door
  • Garage door doesn’t open smoothly
  • Garage door makes unusual noises while opening
  • Door makes sounds when opening or closing
  • Cut or frayed cables
  • No visible cables near the door
  • Garage door doesn’t open
  • Gap in the torsion spring

Once you have the issues identified you can choose what to do next. A simple repair fix may include lubricating the springs, adjusting the tension, tightening screws and checking your cable. If the issue persists after this then you may need a local garage door company like us.

A garage door tech will check the springs and identify your issues with an expert eye. They will be able to not only repair any issues your door is having but they can prevent further issues and replace parts on your garage door when you need it.

How much does it cost to replace the spring on a garage door?

Garage doors are used by millions worldwide every day making them an essential part of many people’s homes. With daily use, they can become worn out and sometimes even break, which is why sometimes you will have to replace parts in order to maintain a safe and operational door. This includes springs as they are a major part of the general function of your garage door.

When the door closes depending on the type of system installed, the springs will either wind up or become extended storing energy. This energy is then used when opening your door to help lift the weight along with your installed motor to pull the door up. After many uses, the steel in the springs will weaken and eventually break. This is bound to happen with any system you have as its part of the general maintenance needed to keep your door functioning safely.

How Much Does Spring Replacement Cost?

The cost of replacing old or broken springs can vary depending on a few different factors. Our pricing is judged based on the quality of steel, size (length and diameter), weight, your garage door manufacturer, coil count, and the number of cycles it can withstand. A cycle is a term used to describe a full opening and closing of your garage door section. While there are low cycle springs available on the market, we as a company have decided to only carry higher quality springs that we have tested for high quality, and cycle count to guarantee you they will last for the duration of their provided warranty life cycle.

When shopping for a replacement, the only way to receive an exact estimate is to have an inspection done to evaluate your garage door. Therefore, we offer free inspections and estimate because we believe in earning your business before any monetary exchange. However, our pricing begins at $69.00 per residential spring all the way up to $500.00, depending on the spring that ensures you the safest operational garage door available. Sometimes your system may use two springs which is why most technicians recommend replacing both to give you the longest lifecycle available to reduce your future costs.


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  • Same day service (if you call before 2 pm)
  • Emergency garage door repair services
  • Committed to 100% customer satisfaction
  • One of Gwinnett’s only Pella garage door dealers


You can call the franchise garage door companies and help pay for their huge overhead, or you can call us and pay less and get better service. Schedule an appointment online or just call us directly. We’ll take care of all your garage door needs.

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All garage doors are not created equal. Many of our customers are shocked that they don’t have to settle for a standard look. Just as houses look different, you can set your home apart with the garage door.

Using our simple tool, all you need to do is upload a picture of your home, and you can design your own garage door. Choose from different materials (wood, vinyl, aluminum, etc.) and hundreds of different styles. Now, your garage door can match and even highlight the décor of your home.

Whether you’re looking for garage door installation or repairs, Adroit Garage Doors wants to be your complete resource.


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