Repairs & Replacements

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It’s never convenient when your garage door decides to quit working, but whatever your issue is, our knowledgeable team of garage door specialists will have the answers you’re looking for.  At Adroit Garage Doors, we are experts in all forms of door repair and maintenance.

Garage Doors

  • Track Repairs/Adjustments
  • Roller Replacements
  • Hinge Repairs/Adjustments
  • Mounting Bracket Repairs/Adjustments
  • Door Balancing

Garage Openers

  • Opener Motor Repairs
  • Logic Board Replacements
  • Trolley/Carriage Replacements
  • Mounting Bracket Repairs/Adjustments
  • Safety Sensor Repairs/Replacements
  • Limit Adjustments
  • Force Adjustments
  • Remote Programming/Replacements/Installation
  • Operating Arm Adjustments

Extension Systems

  • Spring Repairs/Replacements
  • Pulley Repairs/Replacements
  • Extension Cable Adjustments/Replacements
  • Back Hang Adjustments

Torsion Systems

  • Spring Repairs/Replacements
  • Torsion Shaft Replacement
  • Torsion Cable Adjustments/Replacements
  • Center Bearing Repair/Replacements
  • End Bearing Plate Repair/Replacements
  • Spring Pad Repair/Replacements
  • Drum Repair/Replacements

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