Preventative Maintenance


Every three to four months, homeowners should schedule preventative maintenance for their garage doors and garage door openers. If you hear any screeches, grinds, scraping, and creaks as the garage door operates means there is resistance adding further wear and tear on both your door and opener systems. These little problems eventually result in having to purchase a new garage door or garage door opener system. Having a garage door systems professional spend 30-45 minutes on your garage door system every 3 months or so can add years to the usable life of your system.

Preventative maintenance here at Adroit Garage Doors includes applying special garage door silicone lubricant to all hinges, rollers, drums, springs, T-rails, and all other moving parts. We apply a white lithium grease to the gear inside of the opener and the gear on the top of the opener, as well as on the trolley, chain, and opener rail. Additionally, our specialists tighten all cables, screws, and bolts that hold the garage door and garage door opener systems together.

Did you know that screws and bolts loosen as the temperature fluctuates during the day and over the seasons? As a homeowner, you want the best, so our garage door systems specialists inspect all the little things that you wouldn’t likely know to check for to ensure proper operation and safety; after all, it is about safety and preventing more expensive repairs or having your garage door or opener system replaced.

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