How much does it cost to replace a garage door in Buford?

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How Much Does It Cost To Replace Garage Doors?


The cost to replace a garage door depends upon several different factors such as:

  • Size of the door:  single width or double-width style
  • Type of garage door opener:  tilt up or roll up opener
  • Garage door style: windows/no windows, the material of the door, the type of frame, insulation, etc.
  • Type of garage door opener

Since all garages are different, it’s important to get a customized quote from a professional garage door company. 

That being said, the cost of a new garage door ranges from $500 to $4000. Here is a rough breakdown of costs.

Costs Of Garage Doors

This list is for the basic types of garage doors. 

  • Single tilt-up garage doors:  $500 to $900 installed
  • Single roll-up garage doors:  $900 to $1500 installed
  • Custom roll-up garage doors – $1300 to $2300 installed
  • Solid wood garage doors – $2600 to $4000 installed.

Again, these prices may vary significantly based upon the level of customization involved. Just as houses vary in build, design, and materials, so do garage doors. 

Other Factors To Consider

Whenever replacing your garage door, it’s important to at least have the discussion with a reputable garage door company about several different potentials add ons. These factors would include things like:

Garage Door Insulation:  adding additional insulation to your garage door can help you save your energy bill- sometimes by as much as 20-25%!

Security: While you are replacing your garage door, you may want to consider improving your home’s security by adding outside lighting, reinforced doors, side doors to your garage, etc. 

Garage Door Styles: Many people strive to accent the look and feel of their home by designing doors to match their style. This can be done with various materials. We have a system that allows you to design your own garage doors. 

Contact Adroit Garage Doors and allow us to provide a custom quote for your garage door. We’d love the opportunity to serve you. 


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Why Choose Adroit Garage Doors?

Our #1 goal is achieving our customers 100% satisfaction and providing a quality garage door experience.

When you meet with one of our adroit garage door systems specialists, you can expect:

  • 24/7 Customer Supportdark oak garage doors
  • Same Day Service
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • 30 Minute Courtesy Call when a specialist is on the way
  • Text Message or Email “en route” notifications
  • On Time Specialist Arrival
  • Online Customer Portal to view quotes, invoices, and warranty information or to reschedule work orders without hassle

How Much Does Creating Your Custom Garage Door Cost?

There is not the standard price for a new garage door. Everyone has different needs and wants when it comes to their home. Some people prefer the basics designs, while others have specific design preferences. These preferences are what Adroit Garage Doors specialize in; we help you create custom garage doors. In order to figure out the price for your garage doors, you will need to consider these next areas:


Steel Garage Doors

Steel garage doors offer the largest range of design, insulation, and price options. From flush panels to raised panels, we offer a variety of designs and colors to help you design your ideal garage door. Additionally, steel doors are very low maintenance.

Composite Wood Garage Doors

Composite wood garage doors are most often made from 100% recycled wood fibers and resin or polymers, that create the look of a solid wood garage door with extra durability. Composite wood garage doors are a very low-maintenance option that uses innovative technology to create the appearance of wood. Unlike traditional wood doors, composite wood garage doors are not as heavy, so they do not rot, crack, warp, or split. Additionally, they look more like solid wood than standard steel garage doors do and will not dent or rust easily. And finally, because the center of a composite garage door is typically filled with insulation, it provides superior energy efficiency for homeowners.

Garage Door Insulation

Any kind of insulation is better than no insulation regarding controlling the climate in the garage, increasing the energy efficiency of your home and reducing the noise level if your garage is attached, and most importantly, creating a stronger garage door. Garage door insulation is already providing in composite wood garage doors but for steel garage doors you can add insulation, such as:

Batt insulation: Flexible insulation, commonly made of fiberglass, backed by paper or foil, which act as vapor and air barriers.

Foam board insulation: Rigid panels, typically made from polystyrene, provide a high insulating value for relatively little thickness.

Reflective insulation: Rigid boards and rolls of a reflective insulation with reflective aluminum foil applied to one or both sides of the insulation materials, such as cardboard and polyethylene bubbles. This type of insulation reflects radiant heat, making it a good insulation choice for garages that heat up in summer or hot climates.

Custom Garage Door Models

Creating your custom garage doors is our specialty. If you go to our website and build yours, we offer many different designs and models. The modules we have are Pella and Encompass Pella. Each garage door you choose can be customized to your needs within the Pella product line. You can choose different colors, panel designs, windows, decorative hardware, or specialty hardware.


Pella: Chatsworth, Colesburg, Danbury, Hamilton, Hillsboro, Ottesen, Ladora, Ventura

Encompass by Pella: Onslow, Sutherland


Panel Designs and Windows

Each Module design for panels and window will be dependent on the brand you decided to get. Panels range with their designs, working with smaller or larger panels and styles will affect your price. Most designs of our designs do have the main section of a closed or top window availability. If you choose to have windows, they do have different designs themselves.



Creating a custom garage door will allow for your garage doors to have an appeal that can rival your neighbors but bring beauty to your neighborhood. Colors will range depending on the garage door model some colors we offer, including almond, wicker tan, sandstone, etc… Clear coats are also available depending on the material used. Each Model will have the main color but can also trim color for a better variation.

Decorative Hardware

Having a sharp and clean look wouldn’t be possible without having decorative hardware. Products that we offer are ring handles, strap handles, hinges, locks, and decorative pieces. These products are made by a few different companies, Blue Ridge, Alpine, Versailles, Canterbury, Castle Rock, and Maple Creek. Making your garage door look its best I what we want to do for you.

Special Garage Door Hardware

When you are looking at installing a new garage door, an inspection must be done to ensure an accurate price is given, sometimes there are circumstances that require special garage door hardware to make sure the garage door can operate. Examples of this use are when the ceiling height is too low, or there are obstructions in the ceiling in the path of the garage door. Each circumstance will be evaluated, and the price that can be determined by the use or none use of specialty hardware.

Free Estimates

That’s why here at Adroit Garage Doors, we provide free estimates and build custom quotes for each person to tend to all their needs and desires. A lot of companies will charge $39.00 – $89.00 to provide a new garage door estimate, but we believe in earning the job first before monetary exchange.


A generic price to start with when you’re beginning to look for a garage door is a few hundred dollars (including installation), and then the more you customize the design, color, and insulation, the more your new garage door will cost.

What most companies do not tell their customers are that even though they are purchasing a new garage door, the new garage door comes with standard hardware that is only expected to last 2-3 years. We prefer to carry Pella Garage Doors simply because they allow you to register all of their warranties online on their website, come with double the warranties than all of the other 12 garage door brands in Atlanta, and they come with upgraded hardware that helps to prolong the life of your entire garage door system


About Buford, GA

Did you know Algernon Sidney Buford, for whom the City of Buford was named, was President of the Atlanta and Richmond Air-Line Railroad? He was of distinguished Virginian ancestry, a graduate of the University of Virginia, a lawyer by profession, and several times a member of the Virginia State legislative body. He was railroad president for 20 years during its period of expansion. A resident of Richmond, Virginia, he maintained an Atlanta office upstairs at 69 Whitehall Street during the construction of the railroad in Georgia and the Carolinas.

The “Town of Buford” was incorporated by Act of legislature August 24, 1872. The name was changed to the “City of Buford” in 1896.

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