Types of Garage Door Rollers

Majority of garage door roller replacements are made with steel stems (of various lengths) with spinning wheels at one end of the roller. The difference between all rollers lies in the material of which the wheel is made.
You either have plastic, steel, nylon covered, or Teflon covered wheels.
Plastic wheels are just that- plastic without ball-bearings in their construction.
Steel wheels are manufactured in two ways: with ball-bearings and without.
Nylon-constructed wheels are very similar to the wheels of a roller blade or skateboard. These have a ball-bearing system built inside of the wheel and require lubrication at a MINIMUM of twice per year.
Teflon coated Nylon wheels also have ball-bearing systems constructed inside of them. What makes these wheels stand out from the rest is their Teflon coat that glides effortlessly up and down steel track systems. Additionally, these wheels contain a higher ball-bearing count than traditional Nylon wheels and are only available for purchase from a professional garage door company.
Lifespan of Garage Door Rollers
Garage door rollers that do not contain a ball-bearing system will deteriorate and deconstruct a lot faster than ones with bearings.
Plastic wheels have a tendency of breaking apart with only a couple years age. The plastic wheel rolling in a steel track system will wear the plastic down, and when it gets smaller over time, the rollers will pop out of the steel tracks often causing a multitude of other problems with your garage door. Adroit Garage Doors will always recommend replacing garage door rollers with plastic wheels.
Steel overhead garage door rollers often come apart from the stem (literally breaking) over time. This is often noticeable when your garage door bounces left and right when opening and closing.
Ball-bearing rollers have a longer life span and are a great deal quieter compared to rollers without a ball-bearing system.
Plastic rollers come standard for most garage doors for most companies, so don’t hesitate to ask us for an upgrade. Our Teflon coated Nylon Ball-Bearing Rollers even come with a lifetime warranty!