Adroit Garage Door’s Rules of Garage Door Spring Replacements

1. Replace Both Springs

Majority of garage doors have two springs installed at the same time. When one spring breaks, it is safe to say that the second’s life span is about to expire. To save you from additional inconvenience, hazardous garage door practices, damages to your garage door opener or your personal property, Adroit Garage Doors will usually recommend that you replace both springs. If you’ve had the same brakes on your car for a while and the back left one needs to be replaced, wouldn’t the mechanic recommend you also replace the back right? It’s very important to properly maintain heavy equipment such as garage doors and vehicles. After all, your garage door is the largest moving object in your home. Take care of it as it takes care of you.

2. Use the Right Springs

Garage doors come in all different sizes, shapes, and weights. Ensuring the right springs are installed is extremely important to make sure the garage door is properly balanced. If a garage door technician puts the wrong spring on your door, not only will this cause even more damage to your garage door system, but it will also make your garage door opener do more work than it was built to do. That’s why our specialists here at Adroit Garage Doors only install the right springs for the door’s weight and check their work by performing a garage door balance test and running all systems to check that they are performing properly.

3. 35-Point Safety Inspection

Every garage door spring repair is provided with a courtesy 35-point safety inspection to make sure all moving parts and hardware on your garage door are in good working condition and meet safety and federal standards. Since the hardware was most likely installed at the same time as the springs, it’s possible there are worn mechanical parts on your garage door that are in an unsafe condition. Therefore, it is an Adroit Garage Door’s Rule of Garage Door Spring Replacements to provide a courtesy inspection so we can maintain a safe environment for all of our customers.

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